Teresa Bright

Album : Lei Ana

(Partial) cut from track # 9 - The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai

This cut is 42 seconds long.  Buy the album to hear the whole song.

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Lyrics of the entire song :

He wore a malo and a coconut hat
One was for this and the other for that
All the people shouted as he went by
He was the cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai
He was just a lazy malihini haole boy
But all the girls were crazy
To share his fish and poi, Oh
He wore a lei and he wore a smile
He drank a gallon of oke to make life worthwhile
Then he made 'em laugh 'til he made 'em cry
He was the cockeyed mayor of Kaunakakai
The horse he rode was skinny
A broken down old female
So he placed a big panini
Right under that horse's tail, Oh
He made her buck and he made her fly
All over the island of Moloka`i
You could hear the kanes and wahines cheer
As they gave him a lei of kikania
Now you've heard my story
About the mayor of Kaunakakai
All his fame and glory
On the island of Moloka`i