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ScreenMate 1.0  Sheep

This is a cute little sheep that will run around all over your desktop. There was originally a help file as part of this installation, but it's been lost over time.  This is a 16 bit program written for Windows 3.1 but it still works fine on all versions of Windows.  Instructions: double click on a sheep (you can have more than one, just run the file as many times as you want sheep).  There are occasional surprises such as a black sheep, flying saucer, etc. When you double click you will see a small menu:

Also available on this menu :

OK and Cancel are obvious.  Help does not work due to missing file.  Remove will do just that to the currently selected sheep.

Installation instructions: find file on your computer, right click on file and choose Send to: Desktop (create shortcut). If this option does not appear on your computer, choose Create Shortcut and then drag the newly created shortcut to one of these: Start Menu, Quick Launch Bar or your Desktop.

Click on the sheep icon to download program Fsheep.exe

Cute Sheep

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